A Twist on Camping, Glamping at Conestoga Ranch

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Glamping in Utah
I will be the first one to admit that I don’t love camping. I like being outdoors, but the whole sleeping in a tent on a mattress that is bound to go flat, no restrooms and no showers isn’t exactly appealing to me. I’ve often told my husband that I would be much more excited about camping if I had a real bed. Little did I know, that option does actually exist and if you are native to Utah or traveling through, you can experience Glamping at Conestoga Ranch. Glamping is bascially camping, but done in a glamorous way. Think about being outdoors, having a campfire but having a real bed to crawl into when it’s time to sleep.


Glamping Conestoga Ranch Bear Lake


About Conestoga Ranch from their website:

Conestoga Ranch is the creation of five partners who share an admiration for Bear Lake. Eager to acquaint more families with Garden City, Utah’s natural beauty and recognizing the growing popularity of “glamping” around the world, they came together to develop a luxury camping resort overlooking the vivid blue waters. They set out to design a glamping destination where families, groups and couples could camp in complete comfort, without having to sacrifice precious vacation time prepping for their outdoor vacation.

Dismissing the notion that camp food has to be synonymous with packaged meals, they declared the resort would offer gourmet cuisine, and so they built the Campfire Grill Restaurant in a stunning, open-air dining pavilion with views of the lake and ranch.

Unable to find anything in the marketplace that met their vision for guest accommodations, the partners decided to custom manufacture the unique tents and wagons themselves. For this, they launched another venture, Conestoga Wagon Company. The wagons are designed to be the staple of the resort’s Old West ambiance, and are appealing to kids and adults. The partners made painstaking efforts to search the West for authentic 1800 circa furnishings to complete the interior design of each Grand Tent – no two are alike!


Outside Our Grand Tent

Outside Our Grand Tent


We spent 2 nights up at the Ranch and the experience was so fun and unique. The first night, we actually didn’t get in until close to 10 pm. We had gotten away late and had to make a few extra stops because we have small children. It was a downpour and freezing which could possibly make for a terrible night camping, but it was fun since we were glamping. The first night we stayed in a grand tent. There was a king sized bed, 4 twins, electricity, and even a bathroom. We listened to the rain pitter patter all night as we were warm in our comfortable beds.


The next morning, we headed out to the Campfire Grill, the resort’s restaurant for breakfast. The food was actually very good. We ate pancakes, hot cocoa, and a scrambled egg hash.


During the warmer season, we would have gone down to spend the day at the lake which is just minutes away. In fact, you have an amazing view from Conestoga Ranch. Since it was September, however, we ventured out on a drive, hiked around the area and had lunch.  We even snuck in time for a nap!





We came back later that evening and were in a covered wagon for the second night. The wagon had 2 sets of bunk beds and a king sized bed. Yes, it is as fun as it looks!  Our kids were over the moon with the sleeping accommodations and their excitement made it even more fun.


Glamping in a covered wagon


Although there aren’t bathrooms inside the wagons, up at the main office, there were 15+ private bathrooms and showers. We went on a bike ride using the resort’s complimentary beach cruisers,  and played air hockey in the game tent.


Glamping Utah Conestoga Ranch Bear Lake


That night we roasted hot dogs marshmallows over a shared fire pit with some of the wagons. When it was time to settle in again for the night, I loved having a bed. The beds were so comfortable and there were extra blankets which was nice, it was chilly while we were up there.


Glamping at Bear Lake



Conestoga Ranch is open during the camping season and would be a fun destination to take your family. To learn more about accommodations and what you can expect, visit Conestoga Ranch.


We received a complimentary stay to Conestoga Ranch, however all opinions remain my own.

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