Telemedicine – Physician Visit In Your Own Home

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Using Health Technology
As a busy mom of 4, time is precious. I work part time outside the home, am constantly on the go with my kids and have so much to do day to day. When I come across something that will save me time and benefit my family, I’m all over it.

If someone in your family happens to get sick and needs to see a provider, it can take hours to drive, wait and be seen by a Doctor. With the convenience of Telemedicine, you can save time and visit with a provider from your own home. I’m excited to see this technology come to the home as I use it in my everyday job. Outside the home, I work as an Ultrasound Technologist. I scan patients of many different ages. When I scan pediatric patients, I am able to use a telemedicine mentoring system that allows a pediatric radiologist to watch me scan from a remote location. It has helped with accuracy of diagnosing exams which in turn gives patients the proper care.




The idea with Telemedicine in your own home is the same. With LiveHealth Online, you can visit with and see a doctor from the comfort of your own home. You simply create a profile, enter insurance information if you have it, pharmacy choice, and a brief history of your health and medications. You are then able to visit with a doctor from your computer, face to face. You can tell him or her your symptoms and get expert advice on what you should do. The service takes many types of insurances but if you don’t have insurance, you are also able to be seen. I went through the process to see how much a visit would be without insurance and it was only $49. That is much cheaper than going to a doctor in person and having to self pay.




I would definitely consider myself tech savvy when it comes to our health. I access our labs online, utilize appointments on an online calendar, and manage many other health aspects online. It was fun to see the following infographic on how tech savvy moms are when it comes to their family and healthcare.


moms and health technology


For more information, or to see a provider now, visit LiveHealth Online.

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