Sweet Dreams for Baby with Évolur Mattresses

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Sweet Dreams for Baby
When you bring a new baby home, you quickly learn that sleep is sacred. Babies love to wake up at night and many of mine had their days and nights mixed up for a while. All of my babies started out bedside as it was convenient to wake up and feed them when they were right next to my bed. We would transition them to their crib between 5-6 months and at this time, it was even more important that they sleep well.


Evolur Mattress 1



Évolur Mattresses
We just transitioned my son to his crib a few weeks ago and he’s doing well so far! He’s not completely sleeping through the night but he’s on his way. I have peace of mind knowing that he is sleeping on a great Évolur Sleep Mattress. I was all too glad to get rid of the coil spring soft mattress that was in his crib. It didn’t feel safe or comfortable for him.




If you haven’t heard of Evolur before, let me introduce you! Their line of mattresses offer support and contourability no matter what stage your child is in. The crib mattress that we received has a firm infant side and a softer gel side when you flip it for a toddler. I could definitely tell a difference between the two sides and my son is currently sleeping on the infant side. I love that they offer safety and comfort in one. They come in 4 different models including:

  • Évolur Sleep Air Flow
  • Évolur Sleep Comfort Lite
  • Évolur Sleep Deluxe
  • Évolur Sleep Ultra

Each of the models offers something a little different to fit your needs.  For example, the Sleep Air Flow gives you a Natural Coconut fiber Coir mid layer providing Natur-Flex support, more resilient refresh capacity than organic cotton with better airflow circulation.  The Sleep has an Ultra Tempur-Perfect Visco-Cooling Gel Toddler Layer for the ultimate in sleep comfort and support.

My son sleeping on his Evolur Mattress

My son sleeping on his Evolur Mattress


Another perk that I love about these mattresses is that they won’t break the bank. They range in price from $99-$249 which is definitely affordable when you look at the features. They are proudly made in the USA and have a hygienic seamed derma-soft nylon cover. They are available at retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and BabiesRUs.


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