Knott’s Berry Farm Review for Families

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Knott’s Berry Farm Review

Last month, our family headed out on a fun vacation in Southern California. We had been planning it for quite some time and we were all excited to get away somewhere warm. We’ve been to the area before but decided to visit some places that we had never been. One of those places was Knott’s Berry Farm.  I’m excited to show you how much our family liked the park in this Knott’s Berry Farm review.


Knott's Berry Farm Logo
On this particular trip, we were traveling with all of our kids, ages 11, 8, 3 and 7 months as well as my parents. It seems hard sometimes to please everyone as my 11 year old is a thrill seeker, while the younger ones like slower going rides and entertainment. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised.  That’s one reason I am excited to share with you this Knott’s Berry Farm review. When you first come into Knott’s, we wandered through a ghost town which is historic to the park and constructed in the 1940’s. Believe it or not, the park actually came about because of Cordelia Knott’s famous preserves that were sold in a roadside stand. She then opened a restaurant with famous chicken dinners. After that the ghost town was constructed and other rides bit by bit.


Knott's Berry Farm Review

A few shots from the ghost town.

Knott’s Merry Farm

Being that we were there during December, we got to experience Knott’s Merry Farm. The park is decorated for the holidays and there were many things to do. The kids got to see Santa in Santa’s Cabin and experienced snow in the ghost town. Snoopy’s Ice Show was also going on, but not the particular day that we were there. We did see some live entertainment down in Camp Snoopy which was cute.


Merry Christmas Snoopy

Merry Christmas Snoopy


I liked that this park had something for everyone ride wise. We split up for a bit and my husband and 11 year old went and rode every thrill ride in the park while the rest of us road the railroad and many of the rides down in Camp Snoopy. The Timber Mountain Log Ride was a fun favorite and several in our party rode it more than once. My boys also really loved the Linus Launchers and my 8 year old said he felt like he was flying when he rode the ride.


Linus Launchers Knotts Berry Farm


Later in the day, I was able to experience some of the thrill rides and they did not disappoint. My favorite was definitely the Xcelerator. This coaster shoots you forward at a speed of 82 mph. It’s a pretty wild and fun ride.


The dining options were great in the park. There were plenty of delicious snacks like popcorn and ice cream as well as a few chain restaurants. We ate lunch at Johnny Rocket’s inside the park and it was great to have a sit down meal.  We probably should have had the famous chicken, I hear it is amazing!  We were trying to appease everyone and hamburgers it was. 🙂


Johnny Rockets Knotts Berry Farm


Knott’s Berry Farm also has some great shopping and we popped in a few of the shops. The shopping was scattered throughout the park in places like Camp Snoopy, the Boardwalk, Fiesta Village and the Ghost Town.


Knotts Berry Farm Characters


The park closed early at 6 pm being that we went on a weekday, but we spent a full day there and still felt like we didn’t see everything. Also, because we went on a weekday, there were nearly no lines. The park had a very laid back and fun feel. It was clean and definitely a hit for everyone in the family.


Knotts Merry Farm


I’ve had several friends and family members ask if we would visit again, and my answer is absolutely! I’ve just brushed over a few highlights of the park and there is so much more to experience! I think it would be fun to go stay in the hotel on the property and spend 2-3 days exploring the different aspects of the park. I hope you’ve found this Knott’s Berry Farm review helpful! If you are headed to Southern California on vacation, it’s a must visit park!

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