Nominate a Nurse – Pampers Thank You Nurses Program

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I am a part of the Pampers Baby Board! This post was written in partnership with Pampers, however all opinions remain my own.


Thank You Nurses!
When I think back to the first days of each of my children’s lives, the nurses who have provided my care have been critical in the experience. I have had so many wonderful labor and postpartum nurses who have shown care, compassion, empathy and expertise. I will never forget being overdue and in labor for 22 hours with my first. After an exhausting day, I was told that I would give birth via c-section as my baby was not doing well. I was scared, confused and tired. I had nurses that calmed me and held my hand every step of the way. They created an environment to help me stay calm in a scary situation.


Thank You Nurses


Last year, when I gave birth to my 4th child, I talked about those amazing nurses who were there for me and with help thanks to Pampers, we were able to honor all those who helped in our care!

One nurse in particular stands out to me in particular. She was the charge nurse one night on the unit. She sat by my side and helped me supplement my baby as he was down an entire pound already. She talked and laughed with me, offered advice and showed genuine concern for my baby and me.


Newborn Baby and Nurse


While there at the hospital, my mom and I put together small gifts to show gratitude for the nurses and nurses assistants. This particular nurse found me on social media a few weeks later and reached out. She expressed thanks for these gifts and told me that often their work can get long and tiring but being thanked makes them reflect and realize how important their work is.


Newborn Baby Toes


If you know a Labor and Delivery, Postpartum or NICU nurse who has been pivotal in your life, it’s time to get involved! Now through January 27, nominate a nurse for Pampers Thank You Nurses Award.


Pampers Thank You Nurses


By simply sharing your short story and information about the nurse, the nurse you nominate is eligible to win some amazing prizes, just for doing what they are great at and what they love. It’s an amazing opportunity to give back to a nurse that has been special to you in your child’s life.

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