Peace of Mind for Baby’s Feedings With BlueSmart mia

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Bluesmart mia

My youngest child is just 9 months old.   I returned to work when he was ten weeks and it was a very hard transition for me.  I’ve returned to work after 3 of my children and it’s never been easy.  Although he is at home with his dad while I work, I still worry. I probably drive my husband crazy sometimes asking how much the baby has eaten, slept and when he changed his diaper.




When it comes down to it, I am probably most concerned about how much he eats. Thanks to a new and innovative product called BlueSmart mia, parents like me can have peace of mind when they are away from their baby.  As you see below, the system consists of wi-fi enabled sleeve and an app that sync seamlessly together to give you information about when your baby feeds.





BlueSmart mia is a high-tech system, essentially a wi-fi enabled smart sleeve that fits on baby’s bottle that tracks and analyzes your baby’s feeding intake and consumption patterns. BlueSmart mia helps moms and dads worry less and alleviates anxiety when it comes to baby feeding. This system measures the amount of milk that baby consumes and then alerts parents and caregivers in real time. Pretty cool, right? Watch the video below to get a better feel for BlueSmart Mia and how it works.


Some other great features:

  • BlueSmart Mia includes a motion sensor that tells those using it the proper angle to feed the child.
  • A timer that measures how long baby’s feed is
  • An alert and tells parents and caregivers when milk should be discarded.
  • It is available in a variety of colors including pink and blue. Yellow and orange sleeves will also be available soon!




BlueSmart Mia syncs with your smartphone and allows you to share journals with friends, family and even baby’s pediatrician.  Multiple users are also able to use the app and you can access data at anytime, making it convenient to use.

The BlueSmart Mia just became available, and through the end of February, you can save $30 off this great new system by purchasing it through Amazon or BlueSmart Mia. Use code NEWMIA30 at checkout to save!

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