Super Bowl LI Party Tips

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The big game is this weekend!  The Super Bowl LI is a time that friends and family get together to watch football, root for their favorite team, eat and socialize.  When you think about prepping for a party, there are certain items that may or may not be addressed.  These Super Bowl LI party tips will be sure to help you throw a sucessful party without forgetting anyone!

  •  Create your guest list:  This tip can be done a month in advance.  Narrow down who will be coming to your party.  Make sure to invite your guests soon enough in advance that they won’t already have plans.
  • Create a menu and shop:  Food is a big part of the Super bowl.  Appetizers are key and a lot of people just serve finger foods.  Check out our Homemade Egg Rolls or Famous Queso Dip to get some ideas for appetizers.


  • Make sure your home and more importantly your bathroom is guest ready!  Most people don’t think twice about having their bathroom fresh and stocked, but it’s actually a pretty big deal.  There’s nothing worse than having to go and realizing there is no more toilet paper or walking in right after someone else has stunk it up.  Whether your guests are die hard football fans, or just there for the commercials, make sure your bathrooms are ready with Febreze and Charmin® Ultra Strong.  I have a toilet paper roll that I keep stocked in the corner of the bathroom with Charmin®.  The rolls are fairly big, but if you run out, you have backup. Charmin® Ultra Strong also has 4x the strength and cleans better than the leading toilet paper.



Febreze is also a great idea as it has odor clear technology which cleans away odors in two simple ways: seeks out bad odors and cleans them away by deactivating and replacing them with a light, fresh scent.



I thought the infographic below was both funny and interesting.  7 minutes of water over Niagra for toilets flushed during the Super Bowl.  Wow.


All of these tips have one thing in common, and that is planning ahead.  Today would be a great day to head out to finish your Super Bowl shopping.  Don’t forget the Charmin and Febreze!



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