Happy Mother’s Day To YOU!

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Each year, we have a day to celebrate women who fulfill the mom role in our lives. You could be celebrating be your mom, grandma, sister, friend or even you! Growing up, I remember gathering flowers for my mom, making her breakfast and telling her that I loved her on that special day.  I knew this day was different and it was just for my mom. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I realized just how much impact that day holds. I can recall the first time my oldest could talk and express his love for me on Mother’s Day. It was such a special time!  To this day, it makes me feel emotional to think of it.  Mother’s Day is a day for me to reflect as a mom. If anything, it helps me step back and realize just how amazing my role is. Although motherhood doesn’t always seem glamorous, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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This Mother’s Day, women around the world will be up with their babies, rocking, feeding and doing so much more. Although my baby just turned a year old, he doesn’t sleep through the night. As Mother’s Day comes, I will be one of those moms with the light on. I will hear my baby crying through the baby monitor, stumble down the hall still half asleep and watch him immediately stop fussing as he sees my face. I’ll pick him up and snuggle his warm little cheeks against mine. I’ll be rocking, nursing and quietly talking to him.  Instead of wishing I was back in bed, I will savor this moment as they are gone too quickly.  Then, when he’s fallen back asleep, I’ll tiptoe back to his crib and lay him down. If you are up with the light on, Pampers wants to be one of the first to wish you Happy Mother’s Day.



Happy Mother’s Day to every mom that may read this today.  May you feel loved and appreciated!



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    Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

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