Thank You Nurses, Giving Back to Those That Give

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I’ve always admired nurses. Their ability to give selflessly, care and their wealth of knowledge. As I’ve had my babies over the years, I’ve had so many fabulous labor & delivery and postpartum nurses that have been there from the start. Their tender care has been one of the first that my babies have known. From May 6-13, we have the opportunity to say thank you to nurses during nurses appreciation week.  Thanks to Pampers, I went to work on a very special mission to say thank you to a wonderful NICU nurse!



Recently, I was connected with a NICU nurse named Jennifer. We met through a mutual friend and I am amazed at everything she stands for and what she has done so far in her nursing career. Jennifer has worked as a nurse for 13 years and is currently working in the NICU at a trauma hospital. I had the opportunity to ask Jennifer what she loves so much about her job and to learn more about her as a person.




When asked what she likes about her job, she replied:
I love being a NICU nurse because I see miracles every single day! In a world where miracles are doubted and not often seen, I love to take quiet moments to marinate in the miraculous work we do within the walls of the NICU. Just the other day, as I cared for a one-pound baby, my eyes filled with tears as I marveled at her very existence! I wondered at the impact this tiny human would have on the world around her, knowing she has already influenced so many lives for good in her short time.

What does a day in the life of a NICU nurse look like?
A day in the life of a NICU nurse varies, which is why so many of us stick around for so long! We have a mix of critically ill, recovering and healthy babies just learning to eat so they will grow. Upon receiving a report, I begin caring for the 1-3 patients I will be caring for that shift. Most babies will get a diaper change and eat every 3-4 hours, then sleep between those times. I work closely with the parents as we teach them how to care for their baby and do my best to let them provide as much of the care as possible. They are the consistent piece in all that we do! In addition to teaching parents how to care for their baby, I also help moms learn how to breastfeed, help them understand what to expect in the NICU, and lend a listening ear when needed. One of my favorite parts of my job is attending the deliveries of babies! I teach Neonatal resuscitation classes to staff members and love using those skills! We attend all of the high risk deliveries in the hospital and pass any premature babies through windows connecting the Operating Room and NICU. As a charge nurse, help manage the staffing of the unit, diffuse difficult situations, assist nurses when needed, act as a liaison between families and management, attend the high risk deliveries, and ensure the needs of nurses, families and patients are being met.




Not only is Jennifer an amazing NICU nurse, she has also served in Guatemala and Kenya teaching infant CPR. Amazing, right?



With help from Pampers, I was able to give back to Jennifer after all that she’s given to others. I found out that she loves to bake, travel and has recently started biking and running as hobbies. I was able to gift her with a huge basket which included things to help her with her hobbies. Included were movies and a blanket to as a reminder to take downtime for herself and gift cards for a hotel room and to get away! She was excited and overwhelmed at the generosity and I am grateful to Pampers for letting me have this opportunity.



Back in January, I shared about the Pampers Thank You Nurses Award. Anyone could nominate a nurse to win some amazing prizes! Over 3000 nurses were nominated and 3 very deserving nurses were chosen for this award. They were:

  • Laurie Milliken (Labor and Delivery)
  • Elizabeth Giambrone (NICU)
  • Billie Warren (Postpartum)



How exciting for these three ladies to be recognized for their hard work and love they give to babies on every single shift!  This week, I encourage you to go and thank a nurse for all of her service!

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