Potty Training: Boys Versus Girls

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As of 3 months ago, my daughter is officially potty trained!  It was definitely an exciting milestone for us and a different experience.  I’ve potty trained two boys, but a little girl was a bit different.  As a mom who has now trained both boys and girls, I found some similarities and big differences!  I’m here to share the ins and outs of training both and what worked for us.



Underwear – It seemed that training underwear helped all 3 of my kids get a jumpstart on potty training.  We transitioned from diapers into Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear and then finally to cotton underwear.  I used Pampers Easy Ups with all three of my kids that have been potty trained and they are a life saver!  I especially love the new design that was launched last August.  With a 360 degree stretchy waistband that feels more like underwear, a cottony softness and Thomas the Tank Engine™ and Hello Kitty™ designs, you can’t go wrong!

Sitting – This one might seem comical, but we potty trained our boys just like the girls.  We had them sit on the toilet instead of stand.  It created a lot less mess, because they can learn to stand later!  I also realized that training a girl was actually messier for us.  Go figure!


Rewards System – All of my kids did great on a rewards system.  If they successfully went in the potty, they would get a small treat or toy from a prize bin that I had created.  It built up excitement around potty training and helped them feel accomplished when they earned a treat or toy.



Timing – When it comes down to it, I think timing is key.  I made the assumption that my daughter would potty train faster than my sons.  Everyone always told me that girls train faster.  I pushed her too early, and she wasn’t ready.  I tried a second time and she still wasn’t ready.  About 4 months after she turned 3, she basically told me she wanted to go on the potty.  We bought her Pampers Easy Ups, implemented our rewards system, and she was fully trained within a few days.  Nighttime training took a bit longer, so we kept the Easy Ups around for that, but she had the daytime training down.  She was close to the same age that both of my boys were when they trained.  As a mom who has been there, if I could give any new mom any advice on potty training, it would be to wait until they are fully ready!


As I mentioned above, Pampers Easy Ups were a great help in all of our potty training experiences.  They were recently awarded the 2017 Best New Product Award, picked by 10,000 parents who tried and loved them!



With Pampers Easy Ups, your child will feel like a big kid in their underwear, but you’ll still get the same great protection you’ve always been able to expect from Pampers!


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