Back to School #KidsGoals With Gymboree

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Setting #KidsGoals

School is just about in full swing here in our home. My older two boys started last week in 4th and 6th grade and my 4 year old will start Pre-K next week. I always love the start of a school year. It feels like a fresh start and there’s a tangible excitement in the air. This year, we’ve partnered with Gymboree to bring you not only the best and most fashionable clothing but with the idea to set goals with your kids this year.


(Left Outfit: Everyday Wear Pants in Maroon, Monster Mouth Tee, Bolt Bomber Jacket.      Right Outfit: The Go Cargo Pant in Black, Pocket Tee in True Red.)
I absolutely loved the idea of setting some goals with my kids and we jumped in head on. They are at a new school this year and it starts a bit later than what we are used to. As a mom who works until late at night, mornings have always been hard for me. Many times, my older boys would get themselves breakfast and it would be a mad dash to get out the door on time. I welcomed this new time with open arms and as an opportunity to connect and create a routine with my boys in the morning. Some of my goals as a mom this school year include:


1. Making sure my boys have some sort of protein and hot breakfast. As their mom, I know that they are much more pleasant and it’s easier to focus when they’ve got a good breakfast in their stomach.
2. Creating good morning habits. Sometimes we are out the door and neither of them have brushed their teeth, their hair might be a mess. I am taking the time to help them create a good habit of showering in the morning, brushing their teeth and helping them learn how to coordinate outfits.


The outfit coordinating is easy when you shop stores like Gymboree. They have clothing that mixes and matches, as well as layering pieces and accessories that are cute and functional.  (Outfit below: Constellation Dress, Denim Jacket, Tall Boots in Chestnut Brown, Slim Bow Headband in Silver.)



My kids are also making some goals this year which include:
1. Being prepared the night before. Setting out clothing and making sure their backpacks and homework are ready to go. This goal is going for my 4 year old as well. She’s capable of making these decisions and I’m loving giving her some independence.
2. My 6th grader also made goals to participate in the school talent show and apply for student leadership.
3. My 4th grader has a goal to make new friends and be a friend to others.



Let’s not forget about those littles that are still at home with mom.  I have a 16 month old that I’ll be hanging out with, but Gymboree still has the cutest outfits for him too.  From coordinating shoes with big brother like you see above, to adorable joggers and hoodies, Gymboree has you covered! (Outfit: Awesome Tee, Fleece Joggers, High Top Sneakers.)



Whether you are back to school or almost there, now is an excellent time to sit down with your kids and set some #KidGoals. It was a positive experience for us and it can be for you too! Do you have any goals this year for your kids or with your kids?

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