Earn Gifts and Savings With Pampers Rewards

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How Many Diapers?

In the last 11 years, I estimate that our family has used over 25,000 diapers. That’s a lot of diaper changes between 4 kids! Our youngest, who is pictured below, is still in Pampers diapers and all four kids have worn them. The other three have been potty trained around 3.5, so chances are that we probably even used more diapers than that. If you do the math, we’ve spent a small fortune on diapers! With numbers like this, I’m so glad that the Pampers Rewards program exists.




New and Improved Pampers Rewards Program

If you aren’t familiar with the Pampers rewards program, you soon will be! Every time you buy a package of Pampers diapers or wipes, you’ll see a code inside. On the diaper, it’s a sticker and on the wipes a code is printed. When you create a Pampers rewards account and scan in these codes, you earn points. You can redeem these points for rewards like gifts and discounts. I must admit that we’ve been able to earn some pretty awesome rewards over the years including things like toys, diapers and discounts on products and services. You can also make a donation using your points, if you choose to worthy organizations like March of Dimes and Feeding America.




Pampers has revamped their rewards program to make it even better! With a new app that just launched, typing in those codes will be a thing of the past. You can quickly scan your rewards code in a matter of seconds to earn more points. This is a total mom hack because we all know that every minute counts when you have little ones. I know I’ve piqued your interest, so you can download the new app here: Pampers Rewards App.





I can’t say enough good things about this program. It’s easy to earn points, even easier to add your points now, and quick to redeem on the website. It’s a total win for our family as we love and trust Pampers and get rewarded for buying a product we already use and know.

If you haven’t done so already, download the app here!

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