Balancing Family Life and Sleep Schedules for Kids

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Sleep Schedules for Kids

In our home, we have a wide range of ages.  My oldest is twelve, while the youngest is twenty months.  I have two more kids in between, and they all need a different amount of sleep.  Trying to balance day to day life and sleep schedules for kids can be tough.  We are constantly on the go with school, after school activities, family activities and more.  I’ve realized over the years that when it comes to our hectic everyday life that sleep schedules are a must.  Have you ever pulled a toddler or tween out of bed in the morning when they haven’t had enough sleep?  It’s definitely not pleasant.  I want my kids rested and ready for the next day and so there are a few things that we have incorporated over the years to make sure we have a good sleep schedule.



Consistency is definitely key!  No matter what you do with your kids at night, make sure you are consistent.  Set a bedtime for your kids and stick to it.


Set the tone for bedtime. If your kids are running wild in the house, getting tickled by dad or having a dance party, chances are it is going to take longer to wind down. When we are getting close to bedtime, we start turning out lights and create a quiet atmosphere. It clicks with our kids that it’s time to go to bed as we’ve set the mood.


Create a bedtime ritual. My boys like to read in their rooms to wind down as they are a little bit older at 10 and 12.  My 4 year old expects a snack, to brush her teeth and read books before bed. Our littlest one, likes to nurse or have warm milk and is always put to bed in his crib. Putting him to bed in his crib and not other places really helps him sleep.  He has to have a soft blanket to hold and rub between his fingers. He has a super soft fleece blanket from Parent’s Choice and it’s not only cute but well made and affordable. He will grab the corner and rub it between his thumb and pointer finger.



If you are the parent of a new baby or little one that is in a crib, Parent’s Choice has a beautiful line of crib bedding and essentials. Best of all, the price is right. Whole bedding sets are right around $40, and you can find essentials like sheets, mattress pads and receiving blankets at around a $10 price point. It’s a bedding solution that I wish I would have known about sooner. When my daughter was born, I spent 3 times as much for her nursery bedding as I wasn’t aware of all of my options. A lot of the line is also mix and match crib bedding so you can customize it to your liking. Nine coordinating colors are used throughout the collection, which means you can totally change it up how you like! This whale blanket and chevron crib sheet are just darling in his my son’s room.



Whether you are looking for the perfect baby gift, or to outfit your own baby’s nursery, check out the Parent’s Choice crib bedding line at Walmart. It’s affordable, adorable and great quality.  Sweet dreams!

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