Spreading Pampers Cheer

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Each year as we begin a new year, I like to reflect on the year before and see if and when I’ve been able to make a difference. As parents, we lead by example and our kids are always watching, whether they are young or old. With the holidays behind us, I wanted to revisit a special experience that my kids and I had last month in partnership with Pampers. It was an experience my kids and I will not forget.


Throughout the years, Pampers has been a vehicle to help facilitate good in my local community and this holiday season was no different. Pampers strives to give babies a peaceful night’s sleep and this year, they are launching their Pampers Baby Dry with extra absorb channels. You may be familiar that Baby Dry is known for keeping baby dry up to 12 hours at night, and this improvement add even more protection for your little one.



With the help of Pampers, we were able to sponsor a refugee family to give them some much needed clothing, essentials, diapers and holiday gifts. Through a friend, I came to know of a family from Somalia living in my community. There are fifteen of them living in a small apartment and they don’t have much. I learned that they had 7 boys ranging in ages from 12 to 6 months. After learning of their ages and their interests, we set to work!


Each child received a warm outfit, new pair of pajamas, and a toy. We purchased several months of Baby Dry diapers and wipes for the two youngest that were in diapers. The family was given gift cards for dinners and a Visa gift card to purchase new shoes for all of the kids. We also stocked up on some outdoor toys and essentials like toilet paper.



When the day came to spread our Pampers Cheer, my kids were so excited. We unloaded countless gifts and supplies for this family and my older boys commented on how good it made them feel to give back. Although there was a language barrier, one woman in the home did speak English. She expressed gratitude and couldn’t believe what we dropped off. As we were getting ready to leave, a 2 year old boy came up and reached up to me. I picked him up and just held him for a while. He just smiled and hugged me. He didn’t need words to tell me that he was excited I was there. He had no idea who I was or why I was there, but he was unconditional. I couldn’t help but feel emotional knowing he didn’t have much, but he had a family who loved him and he was able to express that love.



If you have a little one in diapers, keep your eyes open for the new Baby Dry with extra absorb channels. I’m excited to try it out in my home as we’ve been using Pampers for over 12 years! Thank you to Pampers for facilitating this give back, spreading holiday cheer and allowing us to give a good night’s rest to our new friends from Somalia.


*disclosure – I am a part of the Pampers Baby Board.  Pampers provided the means to give back to this family and no compensation was received on my part.  All opinions remain my own.


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