Advice to a First Time Mom

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This post is brought to you by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste® and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. #sponsored


Looking back to when I had my first child, I really didn’t know what I was in for.  I was fairly young and naive which can be a good and bad thing. As I’m now pregnant with my fifth child, there are certain things that I wish I could go back and tell my twenty two year old self.  I’m not able to turn back the clock, but as a mom who has been there and done that, I do have a few tips for first time moms.



As a first time parent, you are going to hear a lot of stories and advice from others.  I would say to take what you find to be valuable and use it. The rest, you can just toss aside.  The best piece of advice that I ever received was to trust my mom instinct. I didn’t think much of it and was constantly doubting myself and my choices with my first child.  As my subsequent children came along, I learned to trust those motherly instincts. They’ve ranged from when to take my child to the doctor, to what products are best for them.  




When I was a new mom, I don’t remember paying too much attention to brands.  I picked up whatever was cheap or on sale without regard if it actually worked or not.  I learned the hard way that products don’t always live up to their packaging and advertising.  One line of products that I discovered after I had my second child was Boudreaux’s Butt Paste ®.  I remember seeing it on the shelf at Walmart and being amused by the name.  I needed a diaper rash cream for my child and the cream we were using wasn’t doing the job.  After reading the label, I was happy to find that it started relieving on contact and was a product with no parabens, preservatives, and phthalates.  I trusted my mom instinct and was also a little bit sold on the name and purchased the Maximum Strength formula. I was happy to note the relief it gave my little one and that it actually worked.  Since that day, roughly 9 years ago, I’ve been incredibly brand loyal to Boudreaux’s Butt Paste® and would recommend it to any other parent. We are currently using it with our toddler who is still in diapers and will use it with our new baby as well.



Although I didn’t discover the brand until 2009, Boudreaux’s® has been around since 1978 when it was formulated by pharmacist and father George Boudreaux in Louisiana.  I like that it was created by a dad that understood the need for an effective and safe way to get rid of diaper rash. I’m always a fan of parent created products! The ingredients are simple and gentle, yet fast acting.  


Boudreaux’s Butt Paste® comes in three different formulas:

  • Original
  • Maximum Strength
  • Natural


The paste is thick, creamy and a little goes a long way.  It not only relieves, but creates a barrier to help prevent rash.  If you are looking for a new cream for your little, or a baby gift for someone who is expecting or has a new baby, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®  would make a great gift or addition to your diaper bag.



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