Creating Healthy Habits for Picky Eaters

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Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of picky eaters. My older boys have really gotten better over the years, but weren’t great as toddlers. My 5 year old daughter is my least picky and basically eats anything I put in front of her. With our current two year old son, I’ve come to know a new level of picky. One day he will like apples, and the next day will have nothing to do with them. Sometimes at dinner, he will eat everything and the next day go on an eating strike. Some days, I’m happy to have him eat anything, even if it wouldn’t be my first choice. He’s eating and that’s a win.




If you have a picky eater, it can be hard to create healthy habits. I’ve gathered a few ideas and tips over the years that may help start to cultivate healthier eating habits though. One main thing that we’ve incorporated is at least trying one bite. There have been so many times that my kids declare they don’t like something, like broccoli. They try a bite and they actually like it! That doesn’t always work. Sometimes they try a bite and don’t love it, but at least they tried. Creating exposure to the food for your child is what matters.

Another tactic or mom trick is to honestly eat healthy foods in front of them. When you are a mom, most things, including your food aren’t always yours. My kids are always curious about what I’m eating and often want a bite if not more. There have been times that I’ve eaten things like salad or leftovers that they wouldn’t normally touch, but since they see me eating it, they want to try.


For the pickiest of eaters where there is no amount of coaxing that will help them, sometimes it’s a must to hide a few healthy foods. My kids love smoothies. I like to add ingredients like spinach, flax seed and oatmeal to help add more nutrients to their smoothie. They don’t realize what’s in it and eat them up!

Although I have used several of these tactics over the years, there have been times when my kids haven’t been eating well and end up with constipation issues. I still remember getting several xrays with my oldest the first time he started experiencing belly aches. Due to diet, he was literally backed up and it was causing hard stools and constipation. Our pediatrician prescribed a laxative often given to adults and we used it on and off for quite some time. My oldest is almost 13 now, and I wish I would have had an alternative for kids.



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As a mom, I will continue to encourage healthy eating habits in my children. I want to know what has worked with your picky kids?!

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