Sleeping Like a Baby

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Preparing for Baby

When you first get pregnant, nobody really prepares you for what it’s like to have a newborn.  You’ll hear all sorts of birth stories, good and bad.  You’ll read up on babies, buy the newest gear and tech for them –  all to help plan for what is to come.  Everyone will give you their advice, whether it is solicited or not.  When it comes down to it, all of the reading and preparing will give you a heads up, but there’s nothing like the real life experience.


I remember bringing Chandler, our oldest home from the hospital.  We were in a state of bliss having this brand new baby and over the moon.  The first few nights though, all I wanted to do was cry.  I remember him getting up to eat at 2 am.  I would feed him, change his diaper, and then try to put him back to sleep.  Try is the key in this instance.  Until he understood days from nights, he would be awake for an hour or two, looking around, grunting, fussing.  I remember asking him to go to sleep, begging him out of pure exhaustion.  Did he care?  Absolutely not!  It was party time!  As each of our children have come along, we’ve gone through the phase of “party mode” at night.  Party mode is basically when the baby wants to stay up and is not tired in the middle of the night.  Thankfully, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way to help your baby sleep, so that you can sleep!


Create a nighttime ritual:  It’s never too early to start nighttime rituals.  Whether it be a warm bath, pajamas or rocking your baby to sleep, keep it consistent.  Pick a time of night when you start your habit.  Create an atmosphere that encourages sleep and stick with it!


White noise:  With our oldest two kids, we lived in an apartment.  We learned quickly how valuable and soothing white noise is.  Use it with your baby, you will thank me.


Keep baby awake:   During the evening hours, keep your baby awake after a feeding.  Talk to him/her, make eye contact, unwrap them if they are swaddled.  This was actually advice that our pediatrician offered and it helped so much with our babies.  If we let them sleep all evening, they would be awake during the wee hours of the night.  If we kept them awake, they slept much better.


Diapers matter:  When it comes to sleep, diapers matter.  If you don’t have a quality diaper keeping your baby dry, you might as well be up all night.  Your baby isn’t going to like it and neither will you.  I generally change my babies at each feeding during the night, but I don’t want to have to be up changing them even more than that.  All of my babies have worn Pampers Swaddlers from birth.



They just keep getting better and better.  Pampers recently upgraded their Swaddlers with Heart QuiltsTM, making them 2x softer than before.  They still offer up to 12 hours of protection and Pampers Air ChannelsTM helps to keep baby’s skin dry as they allow air to reach baby.
When it comes down to it, consistency is key to getting your baby to sleep so that you can sleep like a baby.  They are the #1 choice of hospitals and my #1 choice as well for my kids.

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